Noah's Ark Charm

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This is an original interpretation of the vintage Noah's Ark 925 sterling silver charm, which can also be worn as a pendant.  This is a beautiful piece with the scene from Genesis.  Our designer thought, "Vintage charms depict the scene while the animals were aboard during the flood, but wouldn't it be a more beautiful reminder of God's promise as the dry land is found?"  The animals prepare to disembark in pairs from the Noah's Ark upon the return of the dove with the freshly picked olive leaf, with the geese leading the way. The olive leaf and the geese are 18k gold plated.

The elephants as well as the lion and lioness watch on while the geese lead to the way off Noah's Ark.  The roofed top of the Noah's Ark flips open and close to reveal a pair of camels. What a fine and delightful original piece to add to your collection.

Detailed Description
Weight: 6.3 grams
Size: 21 mm (length) x 5 mm (width)
Material: 925 sterling silver, 18k gold plated leaf and geese