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A storytelling world war charm bracelet

"Could this belong to a smitten young lady waiting her beloved's return during the Second World War?", I find myself asking when I first came across this beautiful vintage silver charm bracelet.

This is no doubt a piece collected during the war.  There are charms of tanks, helmet, spitfire, and other items that makes this apparent.  But you can also find hints of a girl in love with a soldier. Someone who longed for his return.

A careful examination, I found some adorable mechanical charms hanging from this charm bracelet, including a pocket knife that opens.  How sweet to find a little case engraved with "Love is blind" opening to a pair of spectacles.  A little tag saying "Come up some time" with a key attached.

I have to say, the most amazing find at close examination, is a genuine black and white photo of a gentleman inside the officer's hat.  I can imagine this to be a beautiful story between two young love in America.  A young lady awaiting the safe return of her soldier.

Any other charm you notice on this beautiful piece that may shed more light on the owner?  I see a man panning, a cowboy, a canoe, a pair of skates and perhaps a religious coin.

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