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We offer you beautiful, whimsical jewelry. Made to keep your memories and excite attention and conversation. Keep living memory on your wrist and add a valuable charm for every life event.



Shop our select lists of fine silver chains and bracelets to wear your charms with.

Vintage Inspired Charms

Charms are one of the oldest form of personal adornment, dating back to the time of the Egyptians and made popular by Queen Victoria. Charms are associated with good luck, landmark life events and spiritual forces. In the early 1900s, charms were referred to as bangles and pendants.  At the turn of the twentieth century, the modern concept of charms being part of bracelet jewelry was born.  While charm bracelets are timeless, there is much to be said about the fineness of vintage charms compared to the more modern snake chained charms.

Our designer, Ailsa Lloyd, is an avid collector of vintage charms. This new adaptation of vintage charms in an exquisite way, including new interpretations and adding elements of surprise in our mechanical charms is the brainchild of our designer.  It is her signature design to apply 18k gold plating and cubic zirconia stones to our special pieces.

Our one of its kind charms may be worn as pendants or even used as wine glass charms. Unlike high street brands, our charms are made in limited quantities and this guarantees you an original piece.  You will be hard pressed to find anything comparable.